About Me

I’m just a typical  guy (okay, maybe not all that typical) who loves performing, directing, playwriting, and just about everything regarding theatre. I ride roller coasters for a hobby and like the great outdoors – even when it doesn’t like me (while climbing hills or mountains).

I have also struggled privately and publicly with weight and body images all my life resulting in an interest in fitness and nutrition. I also have Crohn’s Disease which has shaped and defined my life in ways that I’m not completely sure of sometimes – but refuse to let it control my life.

Now, I’m writing here about these struggles, successes, and the road ahead as I move forward.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hope you are well! I’m Tyler and I’m contacting you from Myprotein, which is the biggest sports nutrition brand in the UK and Europe, and are quickly -growing in the US. I love your blog – (Love the overall balance which you suggest to your blog viewers. Fitness is a lifestyle!)
    I’d love for you to try out some Myprotein products to feature on your blog. As well as different protein powders, like our bestseller Impact Whey Protein, we make single-ingredient peanut butter, supplements, fitness wear and protein treats. Let me know what you’d like to try and I’ll get them out to you! Look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Thanks again!


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